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  1. SeanCityNavy

    Pending Map suggestion

    I believe we did this already
  2. SeanCityNavy

    Pending Negotiator

    For those of you that don't know, suicide RP or anything to do with mental health RP in general is banned for Civilains so this will never happen. On the contrary, TSG has thought about it for non-firearms cases. We have a 5 step appeal which is sort of like negotiating but isn't at the same time.
  3. SeanCityNavy

    Local Murican' Here

    Local Murican' Here
  4. SeanCityNavy

    CID bike ticket

    I could see how this would be useful for a UCO perspective but not from a normal CID Officer perspective. Maybe could be only trained to people in UCO?
  5. SeanCityNavy


    I think having a special discord role for Comms Tickets Holders that have access to the NPAS VC's could actually be useful and save headaches for NPAS Pilots who are trying to emergency go up but have to spend 15 mins waiting on a Comms Ticket Holder to be moved into the channel.

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