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  1. Demons

    Pending Divisional Review MET - RTPC: bmw m135i

    hello is it possible to add a bmw m135i unmarked to the rtpc garage alot of people in rtpc musteroom have suggested this and agreed they are used irl too!
  2. Demons

    Pending eup

    hi i dont know if u buy ur packs for the server but if u do ive found a female eup for met police its on sale rn he also does female las and hems and all sorts :)
  3. Demons

    Accepted latex gloves

    hi, is it possible we could have a /latex gloves command so we can have gloves on when we search people like irl literally the same command as /mask but /latex gloves so we can have blue rubber gloves on when we search suspects i think this will make rp more better
  4. Demons

    Declined Police Radio SFX

    maybe like the old ones we used to have
  5. Demons

    Declined Police Radio SFX

    hello, just wanted to say i think we need more realistic sound effects when u talk on the radio and stop talking is this a possibility?
  6. Demons

    Declined E60 RTPC car

    hello im just wondering if we could have the ability to change the e60 colour atm you can only have white i think other colours would be better and make the e60 be used more
  7. Demons

    New Uniforms

    Swap the uniform what ert has with the open jacket and the vest underneath with the high vis with the zip down what rpu has would look better that way rpu can have the choice of black or high vis like they used to
  8. Demons

    Siren Pack

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