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  1. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Dev Review MET - CID: Addition of binoculars script

    Suggestion Title: Addition of binoculars script Division: MET - CID Hello, I have recently come across a script that allows a functional set of binoculars to be used in-game. This would be perfect for doing surveillance operations as it allows an official way to zoom into things of interest...
  2. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Maze Bank Arena barriers postal 88

    Can the walls around 88 be removed? I believe they were put there for it being 'under construction' but since nothing is happening with it can they be taken away as there is a decent interior within that can be used for a multitude of things. Thanks, Jinpooh
  3. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Suggestion Accepted Aux - Civ Roleplay: New Civ Spawns

    Suggestion Title: New Civ Spawns Division: Aux - Civ Roleplay Can a civ spawn be added in the Rancho area perhaps the LS customs at 225? Gives the civ team immediate coverage of that area as currently it is a drive from Burton or Heathrow to do scenes in that area. Additionally, a civ...
  4. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Slow speed helicopter start

    Hi, Can we have the rotors spool up slowly rather as instantly on helicopters, would be cool looking and far more realistic. Meaning pilots (especially helimed pilots) would have to time when they start the engine as it will take time to get going. Wasn't sure if this should be a general...
  5. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Tazer range

    I'm unsure how possible this is as I do not know if our tazer is standard GTA or modified. Nevertheless, can the range on the tazer be decreased? Maybe even by half? At the moment it is possible to tazer someone from across entire streets which is not really possible IRL. Would prevent civ...
  6. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Suggestion Accepted Aux - NPAS: Changes to Heathrow entry and exit flight paths

    Suggestion Title: Changes to Heathrow entry and exit flight paths Division: Aux - NPAS Hi, I have attempted to attach an image detailing where these new flight paths would be. This requires no dev work and can all be done in house for flight ops. Using these paths would reduce take off...
  7. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Dev Review MET - AFO: Weapon attachments

    Suggestion Title: Weapon attachments Division: MET - AFO Addition of advanced scope to the L115 for SRO. Will give greater scope magnification Addition of flashlights to the glock and P226 for better visibility Thanks, Jinpooh
  8. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Panic button/Blips when dead

    Can a player's blips be disabled when they die/ panic activated? That way when a panic is activated the red flashing circle around them means something as we have to look around that area to locate the officer if it isn't obvious where they are/haven't told us. If the panic officer is inside the...
  9. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Suggestion Accepted MET - AFO: TPAC+ name change

    Suggestion Title: TPAC+ name change Division: MET - AFO I know TPAC plus is in early days but I think a name change could benefit it as it is a bit of a mouthful during DRAs. Perhaps a 'Specialist' driver would be a better name?
  10. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Divisional Review MET - AFO: Land Rover Discovery performance

    Suggestion Title: Land Rover Discovery performance Division: MET - AFO I am suggesting that the AFO Discovery gets a speed/performance upgrade as it is a lovely car but is underused as it simply can not keep up with most of the other cars available to AFO let alone the FTS cars. Thanks...
  11. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Drive-by mechanic

    Can the ability to drive by be implemented for civ/AFO? Would be good to have the ability. Thanks, Jinpooh
  12. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Declined ANPR filter

    Can we get an ANPR filter, allowing AFO to filter their ANPR to only lock onto weapons markers, DSU to drug markers etc. Would benefit people if in high traffic areas as if someone locks onto a tax marker by the time they unlock that marker a marker specific to the division they are running may...
  13. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Dev Review MET - AFO: AFO Discovery

    Can the AFO Landrover Discovery have its speed, performance etc increased? Its a lovely car but it simply can not compete with other police cars and most FTS suspects.
  14. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Dev Review MET - AFO: AFO Weapons

    I have a couple suggestions about adding attachments to AFO weapons: Give SRO rifle the advanced scope attachment for higher zoom Give the pistols (P226 and Glock mainly) the flashlight attachment for better visibility
  15. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Accepted Weapon draw/holster animation

    Is it possible to add an animation for when a sidearm is drawn from its holster and when it is placed back in it? It would benefit both AFO and Civ as it would be more realistic, aswell as allowing for more realistic reaction times to civs drawing weapons on AFO if there is a physical animation...
  16. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Accepted Have ANPR camera pings come up in-game

    Unsure how easy/possible this is, can the ANPR camera pings (currently in discord) be seen on the ANPR on bottom right of screen for pings in the local area? Either for speed, markers or both. That way we can not only use ANPR on the vehicle to find markers and speeders but also the static...
  17. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Accepted Civ spawn repairs/fuel

    Is it possible to have petrol station zones added to civ spawns so we can fuel up and repair vehicles before we leave spawn? I don't mean an actual petrol station but as in the area where you turn the engine off and press E. Every now and again cars spawned via civ garage break down not long...
  18. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Pending Battering ram/red key

    Found a video of a functional big red key on youTube which I will attempt to attach. Would be a lot better than the reskinned golf club we have in the back of ARVs as of now and would add a new dynamic and more realistic entries for AFO raids etc.
  19. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Accepted Senior civ outfit saves

    Is it possible for those with the senior civ tag to be able to save the outfits they create whilst on as civilian? Even if it only had one slot? I've encountered it more than once that I am creating the same outfit or very similar outfits every time I want to do a specific scene such as a...
  20. (DS3) Xi Jinpooh

    Accepted Consider adding more modern weapons to civ firearms locker.

    Civ firearms are in need of more modernised weapons rather as a mafia Tommy gun a compact AK and an 18th century musket. Things like an uzi (micro SMG), the combat pdw, more variation in handguns or even a full size rifles such as the advanced rifle or normal full sized AK (assault rifle I...

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