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  1. Prophet

    Declined Realistic airbags

    Thanks for the suggestion, We've reviewed this script a few times in the past however currently see no urgent requirement to add it to the server, currently the RP commands can fill this. whilst it looks good aesthetically, it's another script that will put strain on onesync, and overall...
  2. Prophet

    Declined Battering ram/red key

    Thanks for your suggestion The universal door key you suggested here has not practical use, in the sense of the script is purely visual and holds no actual purpose in game other than replacing the golf club currently used as the ram. We try and avoid unnecessary scripts and assets, so for this...
  3. Prophet

    Declined new sirens for police and las

    no, you dont. i replaced them recently
  4. Prophet

    Suggestion Declined MET - CID: More Outfits For UCO

    So after a very brief conversation with the new CID inspector, who is not looking for any new uniforms at the current time, this suggestion will be getting DECLINED
  5. Prophet

    Suggestion Declined Aux - NPAS: Flight ops NPAS

    Hey, nice spot on that, howeverSo when i was doing the skins for the NPAS helicopters, i did do some background research into this. The images you have attached are from when the EC-145 helicopters belonged to the Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit. Since then, the ASU were amalgamated into...
  6. Prophet

    Suggestion Declined Undercover fire trucks

    So i've heard my fair share of unique suggestions... But how exactly is a big 80-odd tonne truck with equipment lockers and ladders on it supposed to be undercover? The whole point of a fire engine is for it to be visible so traffic can move out the way of it when it is coming, and so that when...
  7. Prophet

    Accepted No .10 Downing street

    Pssst, we're partnered with sinners. we've been watching this for a while ;)
  8. Prophet

    Declined Remove seatbelt system

    Hello Eivissa, The seatbelt system, i think you'll find, does indeed add things to the game. such as preventing you from flying out your car windscreen to inevitable death after a head-on collision. With this in mind, we will be keeping the system in the game, though by all means feel free to...
  9. Prophet

    Declined ERT Vehicles

    Please filter all division specific suggestions through the appropriate chain of command. If you've got ideas for ERT vehicles, pass it up through ERT's CoC.
  10. Prophet

    Declined Electric New fleet for las

    Please filter all divisional specific suggestion through the appropriate chain of command
  11. Prophet

    Declined Building interiors around Vespucci canals

    Hi, With the amount of interiors we added in recently we're still in the stage of assessing how the server is impacted by the amount of them we've added in, and as such we're not looking to add any more interiors to the game at this current time. I agree that it would be nice, however it is...
  12. Prophet

    Declined Police tape

    Yeah, the reason it's not being added is since it uses cloth physics the lag it'd cause is rather immense, so for the sake of not having police tape, we're not adding it to save your frames
  13. Prophet

    Accepted Fix Vehicle for Civs

    We'll add the ability to repair your vehicle at the petrol stations around the map, however there will be a delay on how long it takes to prevent issues that have arisen in the past with civs and the F1 Fix function.
  14. Prophet

    Declined tl tag for meeting rooms

    TL's don't need access to meeting rooms. any meetings for police should really be organised by at least a SGT, if not the INSP.
  15. Prophet

    Declined Loading Volume

    pressing spacebar should mute the loading video when you're joining the server
  16. Prophet

    Declined UK cars for civ

    As much as i like the idea, swapping the base game cars for UK cars has been thrown around for a while now. All i can say is the reason we're not doing it is due to the sheer amount of assets that would add. Each car would result in a resource being loaded by your client as opposed to something...
  17. Prophet

    Declined Panic Activations.

    So panics will be remaining as they are, since adding the requirement to hold the panic for a few seconds makes no sense. If an officer is in a life threatening situation and has to hold their panic for a few seconds, the necessity to hold the panic could then result in it not going off, and the...
  18. Prophet

    Declined Division update channel

    You can just use the muster room instead of adding another channel.
  19. Prophet

    Declined Maybe something like this for RTPC?

    Please filter all divisional specific suggestions such as vehicles through your CoC.
  20. Prophet

    Declined Added RTPC Skoda

    Please filter all divisional specific suggestions such as vehicles through your CoC.

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