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    Pending More realistic wheel functions

    This is amazing i love it. It would make it so difficult not to declare collisions too
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    Pending Divisional Review MET-ERT: Desk Staff

    As I said, they don’t use the callsign, they don’t have a radio and if ever they contact control or announce in text chat they say "Desk Staff at …" so it would be pointless
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    Pending Divisional Review MET-ERT: Desk Staff

    i dont believe they need CAD on, i could be wrong. at the end of the day they cant use the radio soooo ye
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    Suggestion Declined MET - AFO: Possible More Slots To Be Free

    I dissagree, if we bring AFO slots up that means more AFO online which means civs will do more firearms scenes and there is already more than regular london now. I personally think it would make it unrealistic and quite irritating for non armed divs.
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    Accepted Ability for Band 2 or above to be able to spawn multiple vehicles

    100% Speed checkpoints are irritating as the van is in RTPC garage not ERT! then we end up with a shortage of assets.
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    Declined New Discord Channel/Chat

    Could we add a Rust channel please, i know quite a few people on PMP who play it.
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    Suggestion Declined MET - RTPC: Top speeds / vehicles

    In all fairness, as Poptic said if a civ is pulling away from you in an FTS and your going 120+ then you can clip it and send to civ command. However expanding on what poptic stated about "Do note you will need to drive faster then the speed at which the civ is currently going in order to catch...
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    Pending Clothes

    LAS have the Latex gloves I can’t see it being an issue
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    Suggestion Declined MET - DSU: DSU/FSD Suggestions

    this is a clip of the dolphin usage irl
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    Declined Release handcuffs for mods.

    i swear if you get out magic taser the cuffs go
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    Pending Vest

    i like this alot
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    Pending Clothes

    Could we have a command like we do for /mask for /gloves for a pair of blue latex gloves when we search people and cars, think it would add to realism :)
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    Declined MET - RTPC: awards

    Suggestion Title: awards Division: MET - RTPC as well as spike star i think we should have box badge that can be awarded too for a great box involving great comms execution and suitable environment examination for it.
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    Suggestion Accepted MET - RTPC: RTPC TL

    Suggestion Title: RTPC TL Division: MET - RTPC I think it would be cool for RTPC TLs to be able to hand out spike star and interceptor to the division members. this is because typically RTPC sergeants have more work to do out of PMP than TLs do so we see more about peoples potential and...

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