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  1. christyley31

    It's 2021 - drone operators for S&R?

    Hi kyle, in the last big update drone assets were actually added to PMP. I know this idea is already being actively worked on but is a little while off on the development side of things :)
  2. christyley31

    Interceptor vehicles

    Hey Dave at the moment interceptor vehicles are recognisable by their black hood. Granted there are a very small amount of vehicles with a black hood that are not interceptor and I don't know how this works real life. I look forward to seeing the devs response tot his
  3. christyley31

    Weather change option for certain trainers

    Literally was writing pretty much the same reply before I noticed new message, completely support this idea.
  4. christyley31

    Changes to loading in screen

    Totally agree, Incredibly outdated and does need updating.
  5. christyley31

    A discord suggestion

    Hi Callum, I am completely confused by this post.. it is incredibly vague, what do you mean by add levels to Discord?
  6. christyley31

    DSU 4x4 vehicle, search and rescue.

    Hi Sweeney, I think this is a fantastic idea, makes perfect sense for the DSU division to have a SAR vehicle, specifically for the lost persons callout, I hope this is looked in to and approved.
  7. christyley31

    Regarding the X5,s

    Hi Louis, I am not in AFO myself but have spoken to others and understand you have a marked x5 however as being SEG trained myself know that x5's can be used for SEG and all cat A's require AFO so do see the point of adding an unmarked x5 for SEG :)
  8. christyley31

    Selectable Siren Tones

    Hi Jxcklee, I don't see this as a valid suggestion, Sirens can be changed with a push of a button and there are only 4 to cycle through, I personally only use 2 sirens but just quickly double tap to alternate between the 2.
  9. christyley31

    NPAS - Postal Addon

    An absolute fantastic idea it would save pressing esc to check on the map in the pause menu and as Duff said we are trained in NPAS to give postal codes and/or landmarks to assist officers locate suspects on the ground.
  10. christyley31

    CID / RPU Prop

    Hi pipe, An absolute amazing idea in theory this would be used by CID and LAS, however I do see complications with this. As you know we have some bugs with props in where they cannot be deleted, traffic cones can be avoided but with such a large prop it would be hard to avoid. Also in some...
  11. christyley31

    London Ambulance Service ideas

    Is there any word on this suggestion? it has been in suggestions since may and has neither been declined or approved. Clearly a lot of time, thought and effort has gone in to this by catalyst and I for one think it is a fantastic idea. As an ex medical technician I would really enjoy seeing...
  12. christyley31

    PCSO Introduction AI

    What a fant What a fantastic idea dust, make sure to also put it in as a suggestion via Discord

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