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  1. (RS6) JakeH


  2. (RS6) JakeH

    Accepted Addition to CoLP DLC

    Hello, i was just wondering if we could get a variation of TSG for the CoLP pack. This could include possibly a new uniform and a City police mercedes like the ones i've attached below. Hope you take this suggestion into consideration. Many thanks.
  3. (RS6) JakeH

    Declined Big Red Key

    This is exactly what TSG is for
  4. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Accepted MET - AFO: DRAG / CARRY

    This would be great, also would work well for POM in TSG
  5. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Accepted MET - ERT: TSG VT

    I think it would be good if we could use the Silver Lvl1 Vans for VT but not the white vans as they are usually driven by Non VT trained drivers
  6. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: TSG Having the ability to Revive

    Suggestion Title: TSG Having the ability to Revive Division: MET - ERT I would like to suggest that TSG have the ability to revive players, as whilst on as TSG we die alot When we shouldn't as a result of the shields not working at blocking Melee hits from civs, This would also be useful...
  7. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: PLT For ERT

    Suggestion Title: PLT For ERT Division: MET - ERT Regarding the thread above instead of making PLT a thing exclusive for TSG officers could it or something similar possibly be implemented as an ERT Training package...
  8. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Declined MET - DSU: New Car

    I like the transit van and it could be good on some bigger incidents upon other things, however i think the skoda is too similar to the one we have in the garage so there wouldn't be much use for it.
  9. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: TSG Shields

    Suggestion Title: TSG Shields Division: MET - ERT Hello, I am suggesting that we implement the Mirror park studios shields for TSG, These shields are different from the ones in game as they not only look similar to those that are in the MET but you can als0 change the position that you...
  10. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Declined MET - DSU: FSD Team Leader

    Great Idea, it would be great to have a dedicated person to raise issues or suggestions to, Hopefully this can get implemented!
  11. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Accepted Control: CAD

    Suggestion Title: CAD Division: Control Would it be possible to get FSD added to the subdivisions list on CAD for DSU
  12. (RS6) JakeH

    Accepted No .10 Downing street

    One of the main reasons i would love for this to be added, it would enhance the Roleplay so much more!
  13. (RS6) JakeH

    Accepted Radio

    That would make it sound so much cooler. Hopefully this can be added!!
  14. (RS6) JakeH

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: PLT For TSG

    Suggestion Title: PLT For TSG Division: MET - ERT Hello, I am suggesting the addition of the Police Liaison Team (PLT) to TSG as an additional training package SImilar to EGT, POM, VT and FIT This has a number of advantages to Public Order Policing. In the MET they are utilised in...
  15. (RS6) JakeH

    Accepted DSU Dog speed

    Yeah they are very slow and also the stop start is a pain. be great if this could be fixed
  16. (RS6) JakeH

    Accepted British Transport Police

    This would be a great addition, probably something similar to CoLP
  17. (RS6) JakeH


    You can do /searchcar which almost every time you search a drugs marker it will give you a result of drugs unlike doing it through the right click button and interacting that way
  18. (RS6) JakeH

    Accepted No .10 Downing street

    Hello, With the recent addition of PaDP/ DPG to AFO i was thinking maybe we could get Sinners mod shop's 10 Downing street added to the game. This will give Civs the chance to put on a wider variety of scenes, It will also give the map a more london feel and the chance to utilise PaDP /DPG and...

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