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  1. (B6) Crusade

    Declined Training Shirt

    Hello, thanks for your suggestion. This has been accepted previously and something is in the works; although no ETA Based on the above, I am going to decline this as we have one previously suggested Thanks
  2. (B6) Crusade

    Declined HART TL Tag & Media Tag On The Forums

    Hello. Please raise this with NHS Command who will pass it onto the Forum Team :)
  3. (B6) Crusade

    Declined Automated tag assignments for Band 1s

    Hello, thanks for your suggestion Unfortunately, this method of tag assignment is open for abuse and therefore wont be implemented at this stage. Commands assigning tags is easily monitored and they can be transferred to the relevant sheets. Having automated role assignments actually has more...
  4. (B6) Crusade

    Declined ERT Trainers unmarked cars

    Trainers can use a civilian car for IPP training only aslong as you are within an instance. The need for an unmarked car is denied and will only be for the use of RTPC as mentioned above
  5. (B6) Crusade

    Declined Christmas Event

    Suggestion will be rejected but tune in at 20:00 on Friday 22nd December for PoliceMP Christmas Special This event will replace the usual organised patrol and will see fun events, where you can win prizes Location; PoliceMP Events Stage Time: 20:00PM UK Time
  6. (B6) Crusade

    Declined Band 1 trainers hi viz

    Hello As per the last 1986261874 requests for a “trainer” uniform, the one i sourced out of custom char and found to be perfect, ended up sh!t Ultimately, unless the devs or I find something more suitable, this will be denied Who knows what the new year may bring though. Watch this space
  7. (B6) Crusade

    Suggestion Declined Aux - Highways: NH Sub-Division

    Hello Please can you further elaborate on your idea. How would this work in your mind? What would it work with? How would this benefit the division/other divisions/server?
  8. (B6) Crusade

    Accepted Friday Night Patrol (feedback on ERT - Rural)

    Hello, thanks for your suggestion. As above, Friday Patrols are organised by all commands on a weekly basis and it is down to the divisons to involve all divisons. I will feed this back to all command to ensure we cover all resources within the server to ensure of maximum enjoyment. As this is...
  9. (B6) Crusade

    Suggestion Declined College: Make a PC Training Slides like LAS entry

    Hello Tiago - thanks for your suggestion I will discuss this will Decon over the coming days! For now, i will leave this as pending
  10. (B6) Crusade

    Declined Remove the rule of not being allowed to host trainings during friday night op

    Hi Tiago, thanks for sharing your opion and suggestion. I will explain why i made the initial request for no training to be conducted and my outcome of this suggestion. Although there is no harm in conducting a training during a patrol, we tend to deviate from doing so. The sole reason for...
  11. (B6) Crusade

    Accepted Friday Night Patrols - Discord Pings

    This suggestion has now been implemented. You can get your role in the #role-assignment section on Discord Thanks
  12. (B6) Crusade

    Declined unmarked variants of tac ops cars for cid

    Hello Aidan - thanks for your suggestion. PoliceMP has a large inventory of vehicles, marked and unmarked. In order for this to be fair to all players, from all trees and branches, these cars need to be equally varied across the server. This includes division garages and command access...
  13. (B6) Crusade

    Accepted Friday Night Patrols - Discord Pings

    I return… Suggestion moved to accepted. Something shiny will be implemented, although no direct ETA The speed of my liaising skills should determine the ETA
  14. (B6) Crusade

    Accepted Friday Night Patrols - Discord Pings

    I do like the idea of a patrol and events tag, similar to dev blog subscriber etc. Leave this with me to liaise with SM and I’ll see what i can bring back 👀
  15. (B6) Crusade

    Suggestion Accepted MET - College: Taser and PAVA Usage

    Suggestion moved back to pending for discussion between College Command, Senior Police Command and ERT Command
  16. (B6) Crusade

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: Rural uniform

    Hello from the City Im sure the ACC @(C1) Syke will invest in some walking boots and a wind breaker?
  17. (B6) Crusade

    Suggestion Declined Aux - Highways: New Highways Vehicles

    Hello, thanks for your suggestion • Van - good suggestion, could fit alongside incident response should this be accepted • Defender - you have one? And is a 6x6 even irl? I cant find anything for it, and wouldn’t see a need for a traffic officer 6x6 • Volvo XC60 - replication of the bigger...
  18. (B6) Crusade

    Declined Discord drop down for each divisions chain of command

    This is available on the website
  19. (B6) Crusade

    Accepted Removal from threads

    I believe threads have set permissions by roles, usually echo+ @Intrise can confirm
  20. (B6) Crusade

    Declined MET - CID: Car SUGGESTION

    Duplicate post with

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