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  1. JaypeX

    Suggestion Declined Fire: LFB Basic Incident Command Training Package

    The problem with it being invite only, it is no longer a fair opportunity / progression. It then becomes favoritism as it is a select few chosen by command. By applying for Sub Officer, everyone has the same opportunity for progression.
  2. JaypeX

    Suggestion Declined Fire: LFB Basic Incident Command Training Package

    So, all I will say is we have a incident command training package. However it is only given to those who have been promoted to Sub Officer +. Anyone below the rank of Sub Officer should NOT be taking command of a scene as they are not a recognised, trained officer within the London Fire Brigade...
  3. JaypeX

    Suggestion Accepted Fire: Rural Pump for LFB

    With that being said, I am more than happy to accept this suggestion with hope the developers will agree its worth having 👍 There will be no timescale on this however as we do have other vehicles in development already.
  4. JaypeX

    Suggestion Accepted Fire: Rural Pump for LFB

    We are in line to get a Unimog and other various off road vehicles, however I would love to have an off road capable pump. It's nice to know there is a model available.
  5. JaypeX

    Suggestion Declined MET - RTPC: RTPC Fire Trucks

    What the heck is this and why is this the first time I am seeing it 🤦‍♂️
  6. JaypeX

    Pending Dev Review Fire: LFB working winch.

    The current FRU truck does have a winch on the rear of the vehicle and the van has one on the front. It may be worth looking into if it is possible. Will leave it for Developer Review to see if this is possible.
  7. JaypeX

    Pending Dev Review LFB: Torch / flashlight on LFB helmets or body to see in smoke or thermal imaging camera

    Good Afternoon, Thank you for your suggestion. The Thermal Imaging Camera is an idea I like and would love to see in myself. As for whether it can be done or not that will be up to the devs. (It will be as there is such thing on helicopter cameras, gun scopes etc..) It depends if it can be done...
  8. JaypeX

    Declined New LFB Sirens

    Hi Ducky, The first 2 sirens we have in game are current IRL LFB sirens so they will be kept. Siren 3 & 4 however are bog standard and due to be replaced. My understanding is there was an issue with replacing the full pack hence why we only have 2 accurate sirens. I believe it is on the devs...
  9. JaypeX

    Suggestion Declined LFB: RNLI /Coast guard

    Hello, As someone has stated the RNLI & Coastguard are already in production and we have vehicles, clothing and equipment, including the ones mentioned. Unfortunately there is still some development to go including some decisions to be made. They will hopefully be introduced in the near...
  10. JaypeX

    Pending Dev Review Fire: Adding vehicles to our command garage

    I believe a list has already been sent to the Developers. We are in need of offroad capabilities as we currently have None. However, w need firefighting offroad capabilities, not just cars. I had also reqested the Unimog or some kind of 4x4 fire appliance. Along with the unimog, I am also...
  11. JaypeX

    Suggestion Declined Fire: LFB helicopter with a helicopter bucket

    As much as this would be nice, Fire Brigades in the UK do not have their own aircraft nor aircraft fire fighting capabilities. They do however contract Civilian Helicopter companies with Bambi Buckets to assist with large wildfire incidents. It may be good for Flight Ops or even be a part of...
  12. JaypeX

    Suggestion Accepted Fire: Allow LFB FireFighters to post what "incidents" they responded to.

    I am all for this, but I agree with Intrise that only certain folk would get access and it would probably only be certain ranks. Firefighters wouldn't be getting access. It would probably be Station Officer onwards who can upload to the website.. However we can have a Google doc only available...

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