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  1. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Intop Channel Usage

    Hi there, Thanks for your suggestion. At this moment in time this is not something I am looking at implementing. Hence, I will mark this suggestion as declined. Kind Regards, (E5) Clynx
  2. Clynx

    Accepted Divisional "promotion"

    Hi there Larry B, Thank you for your detailed post. I completely understand where you are coming from and this is one of the things I am aiming to expand on as my role of Digital Lead - Social Media to ensure we are publicising what we offer and what makes us unique. I recently conducted a...
  3. Clynx

    Pending Dev Review New Control Base

    Hey there, I will await the Senior Developers to respond. Suggestion moved to Pending Dev Review. Kind Regards, (E5) Clynx
  4. Clynx

    Declined Radio Usage and Channels suggestion

    Hi there Top Guy, I have reviewed this suggestion meticulously and I see a lot of benefit in areas of your suggestion. However I do not believe that the channel layout proposed would work as seamlessly as the current channel uses and Control integration. Furthermore, there would need to be a...
  5. Clynx

    Accepted CCTV suggestion

    Hi there Thor, Due to the recent addition of a CCTV system for Control, please await further correspondence on how it will work. Thank you for your suggestion, I will move to accepted. Kind Regards, (E5) Clynx
  6. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Change to "MP MP" regarding armed pursuits

    Hi Tiago, This suggestion already exists and will respond to in the original thread which I will link below: Hence, I will close this suggestion for the duplication. Kind Regards, (E5) Clynx
  7. Clynx

    Suggestion Accepted Control: Update to how control responds to 999 calls through chan 10

    Hi there Lexi, As NOOSE-RYAN has stated above, Control Command recently reworked our Call Resolution Officer training and introduced new procedures and processes to improve roleplay and realism. I like some of your recommendations, and I will look into incorporating 1 or 2 ideas in the near...
  8. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Do not allow control to go on at 18:45 until 19:30 for friday night op

    Hi there, This is not something that Control Command are looking to enforce at the moment. Therefore, I will move to declined. Nonetheless, I appreciate your suggestion and there will be a grace period between Control before the Op, and after. Kind Regards, (E5) Clynx
  9. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Update Control dispatch policies

    Hello Callum, During my tenure as Control Room Supervisor I have put countless announcements out regarding dispatching DSU. Furthermore, the FTS procedure; dispatching DSU, NPAS etc is emphasised multiple times during our induction process. This is not an issue of Control not knowing to...
  10. Clynx

    Declined Radio Usage and Channels suggestion

    Hi there Top_Guy, Firstly, thank you for spending the time on this suggestion, very detailed! May I just ask you to elaborate on how Control would work with this channel layout? Kind Regards, (E5) Clynx
  11. Clynx

    Suggestion Accepted Control: MP Controller Trial

    Hi there Freddie, As Daniel has stated above, something is being worked on involving this suggestion, by RTPC and AFO commands in conjunction with the Control Room, however this is still in the works. For your suggestion of an MP Controller Trial, at this moment in time I am not looking to...
  12. Clynx

    Suggestion Accepted Control: Medical Consultants

    Hi there Archie R, The current medical training in the Control Room is provided to Call Resolution Officers who can provide first aid over the phone, to incoming emergency calls. This training is fairly basic, covering things like CPR, recovery position etc. We have always had ambitions to...
  13. Clynx

    Accepted Friday Night Patrols - Discord Pings

    To add onto this, Pinging centrally in the Patrols channel, and then individual pings for only the divisions lacking numbers is a really effective way to go about it Upvoted! :)
  14. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Command Ranks

    Hiya Lucas, Thanks for your suggestion. At this moment in time, the Control Room caters for all divisions and services, usually in seperate channels and we have no plans in the forseeable future to split the Control Room up into different service controllers. Therefore, we would not use just...
  15. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Control members

    Hi Freddie, Whilst I understand your concerns please be assured our recruitment process is strict and regulated, accepting those we believe could do a good job. However, we cannot make customised training for individuals. You could say our process is already semi-personal with the Adv Entry...
  16. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Rename "Centralised Control Room" to "Whitechapel" and make us spawn inside the dispatch room

    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. However, these minute details are not urgent and do not really have an impact on the efficiency of your Controlling. At the moment, I am not looking to alter any of the spawns and changes will come when necessary. Hence, I will mark this as denied. Thank you...
  17. Clynx

    Declined control

    I quite like the idea, whilst understanding there is other means to do so it would be nice to have a Control one, similar to other divisions. However, the final say is from Senior Management as ultimately we don't want too many VCs. I will leave this for @(A2) Avery to review. Thanks.
  18. Clynx

    Suggestion Accepted Aux - Civ Roleplay: CivRP- More option car Classifications on CAD

    I am unable to do this, I will need a Tier 2 Developer to have a look into this. @JoeEdgar @Kian This is your territory :) Thank you.
  19. Clynx

    Declined Could I have an inv back Suggestion declined due to resolution provided
  20. Clynx

    Suggestion Declined Control: Force Incident Manager high-vis

    Hello, I do like the idea of it and has been requested already. Despite not holding an actual Incident/Scene Command, something just to add tot he FIM role would be nice, although it depends on the devs priorities. There were some issues with outfits loading for the FIM Role so would need to be...

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