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  1. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: Remembrance Car

    so would devs add it for 1 day use every year probs not
  2. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: Custodian

    maybe if you added it they might go on foot patrols
  3. leeuwin

    Great ERT Sergeant

    Great ERT Sergeant
  4. leeuwin

    Suggestion Accepted NHS/LAS: ECG Script

    Suggestion Title: ECG Script Division: NHS/LAS I was thinking that we can add a ECG script as it would enhance the roleplay for both LAS & Civ when on the scene's. This is what is looks like from the Civ side and LAS side. Thank you for reading this and hope to see this in the game...
  5. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: Met recruitment

    Yes this would be a great for Police Staff maybe a extra additional training package. Would bring some great roleplay for the Civ's but also the Met Officer who would be running the stand. This is also realistic to what they do within the MET.
  6. leeuwin

    Declined New CoLP EUP

    Hello, I was thinking if we could get some new EUP for the CoLP DLC pack. This would include some new uniform's like the images I put below. Thanks for reading this and I hope you take this into consideration.
  7. leeuwin

    Suggestion Accepted NHS/LAS: LAS Stab Vests

    This would be so great for LAS eup
  8. leeuwin

    Accepted Addition to CoLP DLC

    Oh yes 100% needed for TSG along side with Level 3
  9. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - CID: Lanyard

    We can just RP as if we don't have it on or we can wear undercover 1 and change when we are going to strike
  10. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - CID: New Subdivision (CID)

    Then that takes away the job of AFO
  11. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: CCTV

    It should be for all division to have access to
  12. leeuwin

    Suggestion Accepted MET - AFO: DRAG / CARRY

    sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  13. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - DSU: DSU/FSD Suggestions

    The only issue if you go out with CTSFO is if there is shots fired where would you go and take cover. As CTSFO go near the shots fired and then dolphin goes up and away quickly.
  14. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - DSU: DSU/FSD Suggestions

    Also for FSD Tl the sub division isnt at a capacity to take on a team leader as CDode and DSU command said in pepsi's suggetion a few months ago.
  15. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - DSU: DSU/FSD Suggestions

    If you are taking the rear of the box and then accidently crash into the back of them that could not only hurt you but may injure the dog really badly
  16. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - RTPC: New DRA

    Im not saying that the MP MP is holding up comms I am saying that the environmental surroundings part is holding up comms
  17. leeuwin

    Suggestion Declined MET - RTPC: New DRA

    You would just keep the DRA short and simple and just wait to say when you get into your sperate channel without holding up comms

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