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  1. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending New Band 1 car

    Think of it in this sense: Band 1 College Want a Car Band 1 Police Want a Car Band 1 NHS Want a Car Band 1 Fire Want a Car Band 1 Civilian Want a Car Band 1 Flight Ops Want a Helicopter Band 1 Highways Want a Car This then becomes more cars than the initial as what might suit 1 Division may...
  2. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS: NHS Doctor Vehicle

    Hello, This would only be a cosmetic change, This would require some form of Developer Work. However i don't really see the need for it as there is plenty of medical equipment that can be taken from the Vehicles. On the basis of the above i will be declining this suggestion.
  3. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending Dev Review NHS/LAS: Addition of SCW to med menu

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion. We as NHS Command are always looking for new injuries and treatments that can be added to the medical system from Basic injuries to Traumatic injuries. Your Suggestion falls within this and therefore i will move this to Pending Developer Review. What...
  4. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: New HEMS car?

    Hello @OrangeDoris09. Firstly thank you for your suggestion. The HEMS Team have recently seen a new vehicle added to their garage. Therefore i wouldn't be looking to ask for any further at this stage. Also to add i wouldn't be looking to ask for older style vehicles, Preference would go...
  5. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: New POM Scope

    Hello Ross, Recently it was agreed between ERT Command and HART Command that HART's very own Public Order Team would be utilised on calls where it would normally require a Public Order Medic. The only time a POM should be used is in the asbcense of POT and would fall back to FRB treatments...
  6. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending JESIP training

    Hello Again, Currently its anyone who is without a rank that can Declare a Major. We just provide a Training for it. Each Major Incident should have 1 Police, 1 NHS, 1 Fire (Where Required) Scene Commanders present.
  7. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending JESIP training

    Hello, I believe on a Police Basis anyone PC+ can declare a Major Incident where they would then request an Incident Commander. Within the NHS We ask that a Major Incident Trained Paramedic calls a METHANE as this allows for their training to be utilised. This means that we are not continually...
  8. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending Custody Medic

    Hello, Unfortunately i can't say i would support this. Police already have FRB which allows for Basic First Aid to be given to patients until the arrival of LAS. This includes being able to stem a bleed, or give CPR/Check Pulse/BP. Currently Police don't have access to the Defib or AED. By...
  9. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: NHS BLIMP

    Hello, Firstly thank you for the suggestion. However as above, I see no Operational Benefits from a Blimp Flying around the City. As such im going to decline this suggestion.
  10. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: blood dlc give blood

    Hello Stevo, as it currently stands only HEMS can give blood. Why you may ask is that they as a team are designed to treat traumatic injuries where blood loss would go past a minor cut. Unfortunately I wouldn't be looking to extend this to the Blood team as they shouldn't be treating any...
  11. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending Weather

    Welcome to the UK where it rains 90% of the year.
  12. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined MET - ERT: JRU STATION

    Hello Stevo, This is a duplicate of another Suggestion that has already been put in. See HERE On that basis i will decline this suggestion.
  13. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: Put a new vehicle/livery on the vehicle into LAS vehicles (Trust me just read)

    Hello Hayden, Within the server vehicles are added to each division to allow for some form of individuallity. By Reskinning one vehicle from another garage this would remove that individuality. NHS have a range of vehicles that currently suit what they are needed for. On that basis i'm going...
  14. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined HART Station Uniform in the back of HART vehicles

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion. The HART Station uniform is designed to be in and around the station, you should not be attending scenes with this uniform on. As such i wont be passing this across to the development team. Suggestion Declined. Regards B2 KiltedScot
  15. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined Game - Adrenaline and Epinephrine

    Hello, Firstly thanks to JBC for moving this to divisional suggestions. I understand where you are coming from with this suggestion however within the game the Above medications are designed to do 2 Different things, Arenaline as stated is to raise the Heart Rate, Normally used when someone is...
  16. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: LAS AP Scope

    Hello, Firstly Thank you for your suggestion. We have clear lines of progession within the Server, One of them being that HEMS have roadside Stitching. I wouldn't be looking to take these calls away from HEMS and pass it to Advanced Paramedic unfortunately. We are continually on the lookout...
  17. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: LAS DC Policy

    Hello, Firstly thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately if you wish to double crew with friends then this would need to be done in a Box Ambulance. RRV's are for single crew use only. Why may you ask, We like to promote that Double Crewing an ambulance is more beneficial than a RRV. An...
  18. (B2) KiltedScot

    Pending Dev Review NHS/LAS: Lower Stitch Chances

    Hello Thomas, Firstly Thank you for your suggestion. This is something in which i would like to explore. I will pass this across to Pending Developer Review as i agree at the moment 90% of injuries requiring stitching. However we do have to find the balance between HEMS being required and...
  19. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: Airway Adjuncts

    Hello, Firstly Thank you for your suggestion. On the above We need to have a clear pathway to allow for progression. At the moment Paramedic -> Advanced Paramedic have the ability for Portable Suction. HEMS CCP have the ability for Emergency Surgical Airway. Adding Additions to them at...
  20. (B2) KiltedScot

    Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: more bikes

    Good Evening Mason, Firstly thank you for your suggestion. LAS Motorbikes is currently an Advanced Paramedic Training, Where it is an Additional Package Requested after a Probationary Period. I would not at this time be looking to bring this to Paramedic or Student Paramedic. As such at this...

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