Appointment of Assistant Commissioners


Jun 3, 2020
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Official Announcement from Gold Command Office

Good afternoon,

We have spent the week interviewing, discussing and choosing the new Assistant Commissioners for the role. We've had some honestly fantastic applicants, I'm overwhelmed by the number of effort people put into their interviews and applications for the role and it shows what a great team we have applying for such roles.

It has been a pretty hard decision with a lot of discussions surrounding it. Of course, whichever decision we make will divide opinion but the most important thing to remember is that any change can be a positive change and the decisions made here carry a lot of reasoning behind them.

I am delighted to announce that we have chosen @CallooomUK and @boylewonder to be the two Assistant Commissioners that we have chosen. They will be taking up roles focusing on specific areas of the community and I have no doubt you will be hearing from both of them soon.

We still have a third Assistant Commissioner role which may be filled in the future, as well as other new roles further down into the command structure. There will be more recruitment opening soon and this is the start of exciting changes for PoliceMP as a community.

Please be welcoming of the new Commissioners, I will be extremely disappointed if I hear of any "oh did you hear about that bellsniff getting in, yeah I hate him". Play nice, we can't recruit each and every person that comes through here and whilst every person who had applied had very good strengths, we needed to look at the bigger picture and determine from the interviews and applications who would be the best candidate for the job.

What they will do
Cal will focus attention on Specialising in Support Services (PSD, PS, Quality and Assurance, Activity, Training etc) whilst Boylewonder will be specialising in General Operations (oversee RPU, AFO, DSU, NPAS, etc). They will now be your new Gold Command representatives for these areas, although should not be your first point of contact unless needed. Please always follow the chain of command!

Mistakes are bound to happen with people in new roles so please be patient with newly appointed people for the first few weeks of them holding roles.

Thank you,
Elmo & Lewis