Changes, goodbye Tom and Lewis


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Sep 3, 2020
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By now you would have all seen the previous announcement from Tom and Lewis. Sadly our colleagues, friends and team members are stepping back from PoliceMP to focus on life and their own commitments in the real world. Some times we can all get easily distracted from what really matters, and so after the many hours and commitment they have put into PoliceMP, I hope you will all join me in saying goodbye to Tom and Lewis. A1 and A2, STATE 1-1, off duty. We wish you all the best in the future in whatever you decide to do, if that's spending all your time at theme parks in the North, you go for it.

I have already taken up the mantel community side and I with the rest of Gold Command will continue to carry and bear the torch into the future and make sure PoliceMP grows and continues to develop into a great bastion of British Police Roleplay.

A further announcement will be made later today, (Wednesday) once more people are awake, and available to read. Please do not ask/DM members of command or senior command about this situation, we will update you properly soon.

There will be no further changes to the Command team, and your line management will remain the same.

Thank you everyone for your hard time and commitment to PoliceMP, and I apologies for the late messages.

Acting Commissioner James

We miss you already, Tom and Lewis. You'll always be remembered as the first stepping stones of PoliceMP, thank you.