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Jun 3, 2020
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Hello all,

I firstly want to say I'm surprised how much that this community has grown over the last year. I started this project out with a couple of friends who only wanted to play LSPDFR together since then we have made countless updates to our server and had lots of fun along the way. Its great to see everyone playing on the server and enjoying the unique game mode that we have made.

One of the primary reasons for this post is to say a massive thank you. The thank you is to @Virkie who has made an extremely generous contribution and providing even better server equipment than what we had before. Everyone, please show him the support he deserves without him we would not have the opportunity to continue to expand as we currently are. His contribution is extremely kind and will allow for everyone to see the game servers they want to.

The second main announcement is with the new server we have the opportunity to broaden our horizons, this is something I am extremely keen to see. As many of you know @elmo has been taking the forefront in progressing the community and ultimately has been the driving factor in what we have today. Therefore, he will now officially be running the show. Title still to be decided but he is keen to keep building on what we have and accommodate everyone's game preferences. I hope the community continues to grow under the watchful eye of Tom and you all show him the same support as you have shown the entire project.

Thank you for reading.
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