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Nov 4, 2021
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My opinion, they're to long winded and some of the stuff is just not needed.

Some example I have that can be changed.


Pursuit Authority:

OPS1, IPP has been assessed and the pursuit is authorised into it's initial phase. Further units towards.


Firearms Authority:

Realistically, there is a whole paragraph for this. I may have missed some of the Info.

OPS1, I will declaring this incident a firearms incident at [TIME]. The use of firearms authority will be authorised in line with Section 117 PACE, Section 3 Criminal Law & Common Law Powers. AFOs may be required to utilise the use of firearms due to the significant threat posed. Intel suggests that... [CALL DETAILS]. Tactics for this incident will be... [TACTICS REQUIRED, OFC WILL APROVE]

If there's an OFC+ available, you would say...

For this incident, I will be assigning [WHO IT IS] as the OFC for this incident. Confirm the OFC has understood the briefing and is happy with the tactics?

There may even be an RVP point for the incident, they would say...

Would the OFC require an RVP point for the declared firearms incident?

I understand this appear to be quite long, but it is realistic. Due to the long comms, the OPS1 controller who have to assign the AFOs into a seperate radio channels.


Tactics Authority:

OPS1, the pursuit will be moved into the tactics phase. [TACTIC IT IS] authority is approved.


My opinion, the comms sound better and more realistic and remove the info that is not needed. Let me know what others think.
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Hello! thank you for your suggestion

We have no plans to change how our comms work as of current, but will keep the suggestion in mind should the conversation come back up again for review!
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