Discord Integration - Please Read


Jun 3, 2020
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You might've noticed by now that ranks are now handled on the forums. Our staff team will be given sufficient training in dealing with these role changes & future promotions and demotions will be made on the forums rather than discord. Our discord Integration means that when you're changed on the forums, it will automatically change your ranks on Discord & the server.

As a result of this change, people may come on today and find they don't have any roles. Don't worry, we've not gone on a mad one and demoted you, your ranks just need to be setup on the forum. For those who've already made bug reports to have their roles added on the forums prior to this update, you don't have to worry and your ranks should still be working just fine. Those who haven't done so, or have only just signed up to the forum, please follow the below instruction carefully.

To gain your ranks on the forums, Discord and Server, we ask that you make a Bug Report with your name, any previous names you've used in the past & the roles you have gained in the community.

Please note: Our team will check your answers against our spreadsheets to ensure you held the ranks you claim you held, so don't try and say you had something when you didn't!

Please allow us 24-48 hours in some cases to process this, we do expect quite a few people to make these requests over the coming days and each one needs to be checked thoroughly.

We hope you'll enjoy the Discord Integration we've added.
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