Division Limit


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Sep 3, 2020
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Good morning,

We have been discussing upcoming changes to the server, as you might already be aware changes are on the go constantly to make sure the community continues to better and grow.

For new players you may have noticed that divisions are very full at the moment, this causes issues for those people who want to join a new division to run as said division, from Today we will be capping the amount of divisions you can be in from 3 to 2. This is with the aim to increase activity in divisions where there is not very much. This will open up spaces for new players who want to run as that division and will take stress off of the command teams who are trying to manage that division to decrease the amount of player inactivity they are having to deal with in their division.

For new players who aren't already in 3 divisions you will not be able to join more than 2 divisions, so make sure to choose the division you would like to run as carefully!

For players who already have 3 divisions you will be expected to decide which division to give up, we ask that you contact the division head to explain that you will be leaving that division so that can they start the process properly. You will have 1 Week from tomorrow (Thursday 26/05/2021 to Thursday 3rd/06/2021)

You are allowed to leave divisions and apply for other divisions, so you will not be stuck in 2 divisions for your entire time on PoliceMP.

A reminder that NPAS does not count towards your division limit so this can be in addition to your 2 cap limit.

This was set out near the start of PoliceMP to make sure activity in divisions was high, however back then due to a lack of playerbase the limit was increased to make sure divisions had players, with recent growth in the server and the player base we believe we need to tackle the inactivity some divisions are struggling with.