Suggestion Declined Fire: Rescue Cushion for LFB for scenes dealing with heights

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Jun 4, 2022
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United Kingdom
Suggestion Title: Rescue Cushion for LFB for scenes dealing with heights

Division: Fire

Hello I recently came across a item that I believe would be a great addition to LFB which is the rescue cushion -

It operates very well with what i have seen and would add some great Roleplay for us and some realism as when we are working at heights we are doing /me inflates airbag and its just false realism and doesn't give any RP benefits

But here are the links and i hope you consider these :)
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Hello Madmxt,

Got no issues with the idea / concept and think it would be a brilliant idea. The Devs will no longer introduce London Studios equipment into the server due to the amount of issues it causes. A lot of equipment we have got is still London Studios and a lot of that equipment has been taken away due to the problems it causes.

So based on that I will be declining this suggestion. If you can find a alternative then maybe we can put it across.