Accepted Fix Vehicle for Civs

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MET Division Trainer
Apr 11, 2022
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There should be a F1 fix vehicle option in CivRP role. This could come with rules, for example, no fixing for a 1 up on an officer.

It just seems annoying that if you are setting a scene up and your car suddenly dies, then you are forced to stop the scene and go get another vehicle.

For example: I had a cart that only spawns in Sandy Shores and I drove it all the way down to the city for a scene, got hit by one AI as I was parked at a traffic light, this killed my car so I had to cancel the scene and go get another one. It would've been so much easier to just F1 fix.

If F1 fix is too overpowered for Civs, then something along the lines of a repair vehicle option at a gas station would be so much more helpful, because at least then you have the option given to you. This could be through an addition of designated mechanics where you could do a command like /repair and it would only work in those areas, or you could use the refuel ability to also repair the vehicle.

It would make scene so much easier to set up without the worry of wrecking your vehicle.

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Senior Developer
Jan 10, 2021
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We'll add the ability to repair your vehicle at the petrol stations around the map, however there will be a delay on how long it takes to prevent issues that have arisen in the past with civs and the F1 Fix function.