Suggestion Declined NHS/LAS: HART / LFB Decontamination Tent

The suggestion has been declined. See further details below.


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Jun 4, 2022
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United Kingdom
Suggestion Title: HART / LFB Decontamination Tent

Division: NHS/LAS

Hello, This is something I have been looking up at since I have been trained in HART and I have finally put in the suggestion for it as it would be a great addition for a RP point of view

The decontamination tent would add so much realism to the RP and give us a better understanding and use of training when we are told to decontaminate.

This can be used on chemical - nuclear - biological scenes and also some of other scenes that could be brough in future -

This is a paid modification - but I am willing to even pay the full price to get this added as my own little treat :)

Link to video and Product

Hope you consider this :)
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Hello Madmxt,

I like this idea/Concept and think it would be a brilliant idea.

As far as im aware however the Devs will no longer introduce London Studios equipment into the server due to the amount of issues it causes. A lot of equipment we have got is still London Studios and a lot of that equipment has been taken away due to the problems it causes.

Based on that i will be Declining this Suggestion, Should you find an alternative in the future you could re-suggest it.