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Feb 15, 2022
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So i was Thinking Unsure if this has been Suggested Before But this goes to SPC / Senior Tree

What Are the Chances of Introducing a New Tree System So You Keep the PCSO > Constable However when you get going Into Band 1 / Band 2 Positions It would be nice to see

Around 5 Sergeants ( Per Police Division )

2X Police Inspector ( Per Police Division )

1X Chief Inspector ( Per Police Division )

Yeah its a Big Step But it also give Police MP more spaces on Capacity and Letting more People Join i.e More Command means more Constable Spaces in Each Division Etc

So Take AFO For a Example Only Division Really Limited To Spaces But if this Changes to this there Can Be More and Increasing Player Count etc
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Hello Macho.
Thank you for your suggestion.

You’re correct in saying this has been mentioned before.
As I understand your statement however it is not feasible for this to happen due to the numbers we have within the server. That’s not to say things may change as the server grows and options will be considered if and when situations change. As you have said AFO is the only one with a limited capacity and that capacity does grow from time to time. However again to open it up to an unlimited capacity bares its own problems.

So on this basis I will be denying this request.