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Sep 3, 2020
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It has been quite some time since an announcement was made here, so I think it's time for another one.

The structure of PoliceMP has been moulded by the Senior Management Team to better incorporate the different emergency services we are planning to implement in the future, with NHS knocking at the door, and National Highways to follow soon after it's clear that we have reached that milestone where PoliceMP becomes more than what it is now, with the development team working countless hours, day and even night to create something unique, fun and realistic to the real world experiences of the emergency services.

Talking of milestones, we have reached many in the last month alone. From partnering with some great community modders, giving us access to a wealth of assets of vehicles and EUP, to reaching over 158 patrons a month. These are steps that would not be possible with out your enjoyment and want to play PoliceMP.

From the entire Staff and Senior Management Team, Thank you! You have provided us with the ability and resources to do what we love, developing PoliceMP into a place to come and enjoy Emergency RP.


Now, we have seen a steady increase in players to the server, to the point we are at 30-40+ players a night, even reaching 80+ on Event nights. This is such a great thing allowing for some of the greatest experiences.

With Auxiliary Operations expanding, CIVRP has become something that anyone can apply to take part in, and our Met Control slowly developing into a wider part of the community we are seeing such a boost to the services and experience that people are able to enjoy and take part in.

As we see Christmas fast approaching we will be looking to do a giveaway of some cool prizes, We will be giving away a New “ Razor Viper Ultimate + charging dock “ worth a staggering £149.99 to a lucky Donator Pro, we are all very excited to see who gets the prize this year, and are already planning ahead for future prizes that we can give away at special occasions. This is our chance to thank all Donators.

With further planned developments for NHS, with more features already in the works, the new Callout system being fine tuned and worked hard on, the new year can only bring positive change to PoliceMP.

As we move into the new year make sure that you keep on-top of your aspirations in PoliceMP, if you are eager to climb the chain of command, or join a new division, speak to your Sergeant or Inspector, take onboard feedback that they give you for development and as always, be kind to new players joining us, for most we are the first FiveM server they have ever played on, let alone one of the most unique with our Player VS AI approach.

And of course, Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year, from everyone here at PoliceMP.
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