Update - 10/03/2022 - "Great Progress!"


Sep 3, 2020
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Hello all!

There has been huge progress since the last update I posted here before Christmas, and how far we have come. From having no NHS, no LFB and No Auxiliary Operations huge leaps and bounds have been achieved and we now have LFB up and running, National Highways and the Auxiliary Operations Tree operational and NHS/LAS operating really well with applications and training packages to be released soon.

With the new year we have seen the introduction of our LMS - Learning Portal for Moderators and staff/command members, allowing us to provide quick flexible training. This has already seen great progress with the GDPR training we put forward for those involved in processing and handling data to make sure we are following GDPR principles and practices when handling your data.

We have also seen huge progress from development team with new stations opening, new custody's being implemented and huge amounts of work going into Vehicles, scripts, the radio, the cad system and much more. It is huge to see the progress we have all made from just last year.

Here are a few comments from the Service Senior Command:


Here's some of the things that Myself and Avery have been doing over the last few weeks Including the progress that we have made in the Police Team

The progress that we have made in the police to date is having a strong command team in place who are working well together with very little issues arising, we are always looking for new thing for divisions to do to keep the interest in the police as well as working side by side with the other Branches of the PoliceMP tree to keep the Friday Organised Patrols exciting and fresh

Here is some of the stuff I have worked on over the last 2-4 weeks:
1. General guidance of then 3 C/INSP's
2. Looking over stuff that need approval from myself/Avery (New Subdivisions, Development Packages)
3. Dealing with problems/complaints that arise as soon as I can (Divisions and/or Branch to Branch)
4. Making Subdivisions more active in game
5. Strengthening Command within divisions
6. Keeping a high activity on Discord and in game when I can.
I would shout out Crusade with the overseeing of PC training and the rest of the police branches training, always on top of what needs doing.
Both Dan Martin & Daniel are also doing great, They always keep myself and Avery in the loop with what's going on and everything that we need to keep the Police Branch running smoothly

Avery Said,
All divisions have been made up to date more with its training, with the 3 Dan's who we put in who manage the very front of policing before it comes to Myself or Nick. Complaints as usual regarding some police command we have been handling and of course moderation side of things, working alongside and speaking with other branch heads, such as Ryan, winters, Hench, etc, The conduct system was overhauled a bit more, which now takes more effect on officers conduct and after speaking with branch heads is now a adopted policy for us all to keep up to date on issues from police, to NHS, LFB, Flight, etc, some divisions are lacking still which we are working on which is CID and AFO, we are making sure they are kept to a standard again which currently has slipped a lot, I'm terms of good work i reckon the 3 Dan's have taken a lot of workload of us both which has really helped us focus on bigger issues then small trivial matters and I'm proud of the work they have done! and that's about it from me.

Assistant Commissioner
E1 Crusade
Chief Inspector - College
E2 Dan Martin
Chief Inspector - Met Operations
E3 Daniel
Chief Inspector - Joint Operations


Hello all,

Just wanted to inform you all on the progress of the newly formed London Fire Brigade, It has been a very busy first few months for LFB.
Firstly we set up a command team. Together, alongside our wonderful dev team, we have had to create everything from scratch, which is no small task!

Following on we have set up our training team, had our First and Second intakes of Firefighters and are now looking at building our management structure, so you will see a more professional and streamlined service over the coming weeks.

Going forward LFB are looking to soon hopefully expand our stations, leading to further recruitment in all aspects of our division. once this has happened then we will be excitedly announcing our sub divisions. LFB command are then hoping to keep opening more stations and as they come online there will be even more recruitment opportunities.

If you would like to get involved keep your eyes out both in the discord and on Forums for more potential updates and recruitment opportunities!

Thank you

E4 Ryan (Head of LFB)
LF1 Jaypex Station commander
Stubbsy Station Officer

Ever since gaining my first role post announcement of the NHS which was the Operations Manager role I have progressed the NHS a very long way in 4 (four) months alongside my team, we utilised our real life emergency medical knowledge and experience to enhance the Roleplay experience for everyone.

In regards to my role I have progressed from being a Police Constable, into the development team starting up this empire we now know as the NHS. From there I was deemed as a Senior Paramedic, and then gained the role of Operations Manager which was my first ever Command Role. After gaining Operations Manager I would have meetings and discussions with other branch heads to start setting a foundation and foothold within this Branch (NHS). Then after a month or so I was suddenly the NHS Asst. Emergency Medical Director and Current Head of Branch.

As for the progress of the NHS we have started from stealing ambulances and acting like Paramedics to having our own undeniably amazing fleet of 4 (four) ambulances, 3 (three) Rapid Response Vehicles, a motorbike and a few management vehicles. We have also fabricated all our training and documents we hold from scratch. We have recently had the installation of St.John's Ambulance Service as a gateway for those who are interested in the NHS from being a non-whitelisted member to being a whitelisted member. We as the NHS Command and management team will assure you that we will continue striving to do our best and work hard to make it as enjoyable and realistic as possible.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
E7 J_Winters
Asst. Emergency Medical Director
OM1 Rossbuh
Operations Manager
Team Leader - LAS
TL2 Wodders

Team Leader - HEMS

Auxiliary Operations (NPAS, Highways, CIV trained)
Hey I'm Hench and I've been a member of the PoliceMP server since July 2021. After falling in love with what the server provides, I quickly progressed to the rank of Sergeant within the Police tree. Once in this position, I was able to see wider areas of the server more easily and shown a keen interest in the Civilian Roleplay (Civ RP), and before long was offered the role of Auxiliary Ops Manager - overseeing all Civ RP operations, along with Flight Ops and National Highways. Leading on from this, I would like to highlight National Highways and their progression within the server.

I was fortunate enough to be tasked with overseeing National Highways during its development process in the latter months of 2021. I worked alongside the development and senior management team to bring their vision of Highways in PoliceMP to life. Highways began with a very limited number of people during its testing and development phase, where we worked to implement the division on an operational level. Once the T's were crossed, and I's dotted, we were able to release our fleet of new and unique 4K enhanced vehicles, uniforms and roll out our suite of training to the first recruits in early January 2022.

These recruits have now prospered and formed a close-knit team bond from its' roots. To lead this team of new Highways Officers, we once again sourced more talent from within the server to an officer who had made great strides in his own department of CID, being LewisRP96. Lewis was promoted to the role of Highways Team Manager and was tasked with maintaining standards, team morale and overall integration of the newly formed division into the wider server.

This has been extremely successful, and we currently have over Thirty Traffic Officers enlisted in the team. As a direct result of this success, Highways have already released further training and sub-division in DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency), which comes with its own uniform and vehicle, who specialise in working alongside Roads Policing Teams and other safety agencies to enforce road safety on the strategic motorway network.

Knowing this was not an easy feat to achieve without further support, we recognised and highlighted the efforts of one Traffic Officer in particular due to their high activity levels and passion for their role. This officer was R3APER. He was promoted to the role of National Highways Team Trainer, and still plays an active role in the progression of the division.

The growth does not stop there...

We are pleased to announce a brand new sub-division providing recovery services across the entire server, namely "AA", which we hope to be rolling out very soon.

It's been a great honour and privilidge to lead this process, and see each individual grow in line with this new division. I am very passionate about the role that Highways provides within this roleplay community. I would like to thank the Developers and Senior Management for their hard work and for entrusting me with this task, and would also like to extend my thanks to the Highways Management and Training Team for their help and support in allowing Highways to become so successful. I look forward to seeing Highways grow further and hope that I can maintain overall responsibility for Auxiliary Ops as these divisions flourish even more.

I'm open for my responsibilities to cast a wider net and maintain my own development on the same thriving path as National Highways.


Auxiliary Operations Manager
Flight Operations Manager
Highways Team Manager

Senior Management

As we continue to move through 2022 with the world in the hot seat with the devastation in Ukraine and the conflict at the forefront of most peoples minds we endeavour to support our community and to help it thrive, we will continue to develop, inspire and create change to build on the world and community that is PoliceMP.

PoliceMP rarely takes a political side, and we try to hold our tongues regularly on topics that are controversial to not exclude any person, however the conflict in Ukraine has been on the minds of many people and we as a staff team send our support to the innocent Civilians and victims in Ukraine. If you wish to show support to Ukraine and to help there are a lot of charities out there that are supporting the crisis. We encourage our members to help IF they are able to. Do not give away all of your money if you yourself are struggling.

We in Senior Management continue to set goals and aspirations for the community to build on, from the potential of BTP, City of London Police, RNLI, and so many more other services that excite us to work on. We hope you will stick with PoliceMP into the future.

We continue to see huge progress from our different service command teams, from their dedication to their commitment they make us proud of their accomplishments and we celebrate their progression, their achievement and continue to support them in their roles that they do in their free time.

We look forward to playing and experiencing PoliceMP with you all through 2022 and into 2023.

Have a great weekend and year~


Senior Staff
James (Winmace)
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