Update - 31/07/2021

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Sep 3, 2020
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Good Morning, Good afternoon and Good evening all


This update is in relation to some changes you will begin to notice within the chain of Command relating to People Services, the Professional Standards Department and Superintendent Quiff.

The first point brings me some sadness to say. Superintendent Quiff will be retiring and stepping down from his role in PoliceMP as a member of Silver Command. Quiff has done a lot to help PoliceMP, with starting People Services and helping to overhaul PSD originally. Quiff has made a prepared statement I will post here so you all understand why from him he is stepping down.

"Good Evening Everyone,

Unfortunately the time has come for me to step down from my current Superintendent role this is due to my current real life commitments being very busy at the moment with no sign of it getting quieter until nearer the end of the year. This was not an easy decision to make as people services was my baby. However it is unfair to hold back the community when I currently do not physically have the time to commit into developing support services and making it better than it currently is. I believe I have put a lot of hard work into the current foundations of support services and to whoever takes up my position I wish you all the best and I will still be around to answer any questions or offer any words of advice. For clarity I am not leaving the community. I will still continue to be around when I can as I love everything the community has done for me and when I do get that rare free time I will be on server having fun with you all. This evening I have agreed with James to take up a retired role. I apologise in relation to the amount of time it has taken to come to this decision I really did want to try and make it work and I was not giving anyone the run around I genuinely thought I could but the reality was real life commitments were just too much. I hope you all understand the reasons behind this and there is no negativity behind this post.

SUPT Quiff B2 Going Code 11 for now."

Quiff will be moving into a "Retired" tag, whereby he will be actively apart of the server when he is able to, and will continue to try and assist where and when he is free to do so, allowing him the room to focus on real life and his crazy job he has going on.

I hope you will all join me in thanking Quiff, and wishing him a happy retirement.

Some questions are no doubt already going through peoples minds, and it's vital I answer a important one now, the position of Superintendent of Support Services will no longer be a position held. It's being retired with Quiff allowing for some changes with PSD and PS, explained changes will follow this-

PSD and PS

People Services, has proved to really show how helpful people can be to each other, however unfortunately it has had to deal with some serious situations, that no one in PS is trained to deal with. The outcomes of these situations were good, as PoliceMP policy was followed making sure we handed over responsibility to the correct authorities. Moving forward policy will change PS for the better. - PS will no longer actively deal with situations that entail situations outside of PoliceMP, and outside of their remit of training. These situations when they do crop up will be directed to the relevant people. Charities and in situations that require it, the emergency services.

While I know we all want to help each other, and People Services was a place and role to do that, we must remember, we are not a government body or organisation, we are a gaming community, it is important that we do not overstep that and take on more than we can deal with both legally and morally.

PS will focus primarily on issues within PoliceMP, disability issues that can be assisted, a prime example that we have seen occur, some people struggle with writing applications, PS have assisted on request of INSPs with verbal applications. Helping these people get positions in divisions and progress their career with PoliceMP.

If this is something that interests you then I highly suggest you keep your eyes peeled for applications that will be opening in the next few weeks.

The Professional Standards Department is a term no one likes to hear in their DMs, the fear behind someone from PSD DMing you asking you questions or telling you a complaint has been made can really put people off of PoliceMP, especially if they made a genuine mistake or are innocent. PSD is same as PS going through its own Overall, complaints that are suitable for PSD will continue through PSD, with independent investigators dealing with the case, they will compile the evidence submitted by people making the complaint into a document that will be reviewed by Gold Command / Potentially a complaints committee, as always we strive for development over punishment, where we can provide people routes to progress and develop their knowledge, skill and attitude we will. Sometimes that is not always the case and we will have to ban, final warning or remove roles for players who genuinely have broken the rules.

As always we do not pretend mistakes are not made in decisions, this is why we are making sure that with every complaint outcome you are given every right to appeal it. If appealed the complaint is reviewed by another two independent people, this covers the entire investigation and everyone involved to comb through any fine details that could have been missed, or any issues that crop up that need further consideration, making sure that the decision made is the best for PoliceMP and the community as a whole.

Now while details are fine tuned you should expect a delay in PSD complaints being handled, and for that I apologies, Cal and Boyle are working hard to overhaul the system and training for PSD, and will again be opening applications in the near future to recruit for the position.

To conclude,

Thank you Quiff for you Hard work, and I am happy you're sticking around in PoliceMP in a retired role.

Please avoid DMning Gold Command with questions and ideas that should go to the relevant place, that being your line manager or the forums. We actively review forum suggestions. We are open to DMs, which is why our DMs will not turned off, but please only come to us about PoliceMP if it is absolutely needed or extremely serious.

-Thank you all for reading, ~James.


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Sep 8, 2020
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Thanks for your kind words James and thank you to everyone for your support whilst I was in a command role it meant and still does mean alot, Much Love
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