Accepted Weapon draw/holster animation

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(DS3) Xi Jinpooh

Jan 31, 2022
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Is it possible to add an animation for when a sidearm is drawn from its holster and when it is placed back in it?
It would benefit both AFO and Civ as it would be more realistic, aswell as allowing for more realistic reaction times to civs drawing weapons on AFO if there is a physical animation of them taking out that firearm. (Of course not many civ characters are going to have actual holsters, maybe an animation in which it is drawn from the waistband? If not I think one universal holster draw would be just as good.)
The same logic can be applied to AFO in that civs and fellow officers can realise when a weapon is drawn that they others may not be able to see (the pistol tends to be held rather close into the leg and is therefore hard to spot unless actively looking for one.)
Would also generally look quite good if AFO could be seen drawing their sidearm rather as having it appear in their hand when equipped.

Thanks, Jinpooh
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