How the upper rank structure works now


Jun 3, 2020
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When we sat to discuss the changes we were making to the rank structure as a whole, we decided that the commissioner roles would change too. Resultantly, we now have two commissioners, a deputy commissioner and an assistant commissioner. I'm writing this post to hopefully aid in understanding as to why there's 4 of us and what each of us do.

So, to start at the top. I'm now considered as SUR (Stagnant Unless Required) in terms of general community affairs. I'm not supposed to and where possible avoid getting into any situation where there could be disputes, arguments, PSD or PS cases or anything where I may need to make an overall judgement or ruling on a situation, since having involvement in such situations would mean I could not do that. I will be helping with a number of background tasks that Gold Command need to do daily, there will still be a lot of document writing and system editing to aid the community, this simply isn't going to change.

To answer a question I've been asked before, "geez Tom, why don't you hang round in lounges and command rooms more?" To answer this simply, a lot of the time I simply haven't got the time to do so, futhermore the more things I sit in on, the more I could be involved in situations I potentially shouldn't be involved in, so as a damage limitation it isn't such a bad thing either. However, I will of course endeavour to spend time in other channels with other people too since it is a fair opportunity to speak to people, see what they enjoy and don't enjoy and have stuff to action from that.

You may notice me be a little ignorant when it comes to being asked questions, I'll admit that a lot of the decisions that take place now in Gold Command are headed up by Lewis since he has equal power to me in decision making and his role is to have more of a community presence and deal with day to day affairs, decisions, etc.

Lewis was recruited to manage the players and players affairs side of things, I'll admit that for me to deal with every aspect of commissioner was far too draining and splitting it into two has lead to efficiency and general happiness in roles, though this is something we are still working on. Lewis will take part in more community affairs than me, a lot of information is fed back to me but some of it I simply won't know, so if I do come to you and say I'm sorry I don't know the answer, this will be why.

James and Loaf work under myself and Lewis to deal with affairs we don't need to deal with, you can think about them as the receptionists at a dentist surgery, without them the dentist would need to man the desk, answer the phone, sort people's dental issues and deal with waiting patience. By us splitting it down into two further roles, the workload has been split yet again which enables us to focus on more important aspects.

Ultimately, the one who is going to be making the most decisions for the community that are minor and can be done quickly will be Lewis, but bigger decisions will be run by me and of course James and Loaf. That's how the new system is currently set up to work and we hope this will aid slightly in understanding this new part of the ranking structure.

Thank you