Some important upcoming changes to the community


Jun 3, 2020
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Good afternoon,

We constantly try to deliver the best experience for our players to enjoy, the community is what keeps us running day in day out and must be maintained like anything in the world. We work tirelessly to try and ensure that everybody in command positions and developer positions are as content as they can be with their roles, we always strive for top satisfaction in all roles we offer within the community and it always come as a disappointment when we don't quite hit that mark.

Over the past few weeks, some members of both command and development teams have expressed concerns in regards to the handling of those with unrealistic expectations, those intentionally stirring the pot to try and cause some sort of argument and those who make constant, petty and targetted complaints against other individuals or teams within the community. This, and also the attitude some people have towards divisions and developers when things aren't done immediately honestly is not acceptable. As I've said many times previous, our teams work tirelessly often after a long day at work to bring you the content that each and every one of you use daily, even if you don't think about it.

We tried to take the more gentle approach of asking people to be courteous and for a lot of people that did work, it also showed the command and development team that there is a lot of love for them in the community which was a huge positive and a massive step in the right direction but it also isn't enough. Although the majority now stop and think and act as they should, there is still a minority who don't.

To me, it seems like a sense of entitlement and it really isn't needed here. Although I've mentioned command teams and developers a lot, there's a lot of background administrative workers such as College Staff who deserve to be treated with the same sort of respect, but yet I've seen cases recently of people taking their anger out on them. Come on, they're following pretty strict scripts and procedures to do their jobs so don't take it out on them. Would you shout at a supermarket worker for the procedures management put in place? I thought not.

Over the next few days, we endeavour to make some quite major changes to the processes within the community. We will be working closely with Professional Standards Department to review the methods we currently have of dealing with revenge complaints since this appears to be on the rise looking at complaint data, we will also work with People Services to try and offer all members of our command, developer and administrative teams people to talk to about their feelings at any point since there is some feeling that it is only low and high ranks that use PS and not the middle ranks too. Any members can, of course, utilize People Services at any time.

So, as a basic explanation, we will be reviewing the way the following happens:
  • We will review the way the development team is seen and treated by the Bronze, Silver and Gold Command Teams and vice versa
  • We will review the way the development team and command teams are treated by general members of the community and by other command or developer positions
  • We will make changes to Professional Standards Department to drive out revenge complaints and take decisive action against those who continue to take this action
  • We will review all roles within command and development to see whether they sit where they should within the community
  • We will recruit further members to bridge gaps between divisions and aid in communications where it is applicable
  • We will take feedback and information from any members, command teams and developers who wish to give feedback so we are able to make changes
  • We will very likely change the procedures of the current rank structure as it is, this could involve changing the roles current people have if we believe they would be suited taking on different roles or additional work with their current roles if they would like to

I would like to add as a summary that everyone here has things to do outside of the server and expectations on people should be realistic. When contacting division heads, command members, developers, Gold Command or indeed fellow officers please consider the fact that they have a whole different life happening outside of PoliceMP and it is highly likely that your requests will and can take a little while. If you're making a complaint about someone, take a moment to think "do I really need to or is this really pointless", taking that moment to think about it could be hugely beneficial for a lot of people and we would highly urge you to do so. Lastly, if you do have an issue with a particular member on a personal level, we ask you to deal with those matters yourselves outside of the community where possible and not bring the problems into the community. However, where this isn't possible, People Services would be happy to help with mediation sessions where required.

Additionally, speaking badly of people behind their backs just because they said something that you didn't agree with makes you just as bad as them and if you're speaking badly of them because they have made a decision you don't agree with or haven't been quick enough, think about the fact that we all have to make decisions for the majority and not the minority within the community.

Play nice, we will post further updates in relation to this soon